Grocery Shopping List

On this lovely afternoon I had a short grocery list and I generally shop at three places, Vons, Costco, and Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. I should probably check Sprouts as well since it really is the closest store to me, but after three stores all over town, my little one is ready to go home.

I have a master grocery list that I typed up myself based off of what we use in our household, but since we don’t have a functioning printer, I have yet to really use it. One way I have used it is to highlight what’s needed, and paste it to Notes. We have a Macbook Pro that I sync to my iPhone. Unfortunately I only tried this once since it was very time consuming changing fonts and syncing.

Now I have a nifty little planner that I love for many reasons and in it I’m comparing prices of items I buy frequently between these three stores. In a future post I hope to have a comprehensive list of up to date household staples with price per ounce, unit and pound. Until then, I can safely say that organic butter is most cost effective at Grocery Outlet, Organic cage free eggs, organic ground beef and organic chicken breasts are cheapest at Costco.

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