How to sew a patch

My fiance has accumulated a few chef coats from different restaurants he’s worked at. Instead of shelling out the money to buy new chef coats, I decided to make some patches to cover up the different emblems. It was fairly easy to do, the only thing I would probably do different next time would be to measure out a larger patch to account for folding over the raw edges.

Things you’ll need

  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • scrap fabric
  • item to patch
  • scissors
  • ruler or measuring tape
  • clothes iron

You can also make and sew a patch without a sewing machine, those instructions will be on a different post.


  1. Measure the area you want to sew a patch on to. My area to cover was about 3.33″
  2. Give yourself about an inch extra all around to fold the raw cut edge of the scrap fabric. I only gave myself .66″ so the next step was harder than it should have been.
  3. Iron the fabric with the raw edge underneath. If you have a serger, finishing the edges allows you to skip this step. I do not have a serger so this was necessary for a slightly more refined end product.
  4. Pin your small piece of fabric to your larger piece and sew all the way around.

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