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How do you find/ make time to stick to an organic diet? @frolicsun


     It is a different lifestyle than most, since I only eat out maybe once or twice a month but the quality of my food that I eat the majority of the time makes me extremely happy.

     Make a simple realistic meal plan for a week. I based mine off of a well balanced day I had in MyFitnessPal. Cereal, fruit and cheese, fried rice, soup, baked proteins etc. From that, make a list of staples you want in your kitchen. When you have a chance to go to a store, jot down the price per weight on items in your notepad, planner or phone. I highly recommend checking out one of each type of store: a wholesale store, grocery store, department/grocery store hybrid and a discount store.

      At the very least home cooking gives me more energy than fast food/overpriced organic restaurant food It’s taken me a couple years to build my organic spice rack so it really takes time & patience to transition. Don’t forget to figure out the dirty dozen, clean 15! As far as finding time to compare, I checked out a different store about every week or so when I needed groceries.

     I feel like the hardest part about cooking is the prep work and the cleanup but putting it altogether and just letting the heat do the work is the easiest part about it. sometimes it sucks when it burns but it just comes with learning. During school and work I find that it’s easiest to try and prep a weeks worth of lunches and then as you get better at doing lunches I would move to doing dinners.


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