My Oily Journey

Melaleuca alternifolia. Also known as Tea Tree. This is the first oil I ever bought back in 2012. I didn’t know much about oils back in the day except that this particular type has antiseptic and germicidal properties perfect for clearing up dry scalp which I suffered from and sought a cure for in beauty school. I researched for a pure brand that wouldn’t break the bank and settled with one from my local health supplement store. It served it’s purpose and gave me a clear scalp at the cost of headaches every time I opened the bottle. I told myself, “Well the bottle says it’s highly concentrated, that must be why it makes me feel so sick.” Needless to say I was kind of relieved I didn’t have to use up the rest of the large bottle since it spilled open in storage.

It would be a few years later when oils came back into my life. It was nearing the end of the day at an upscale salon in Del Mar, California. The sky was turning a beautiful orange that cast a natural magical glow in the salon. I was an assistant to the owner and her last client of the day walked in. She had a sense of calm about her and was a real pleasure to talk with. As I shampooed her I asked her what her perfume was since she smelled so lovely and she told me it was lavender essential oil she got from the health food store down the road. She told me about it’s aromatherapy properties and how it promotes good sleep and calm energy. This brand, must be the right brand I thought, but they had two types of lavender and at the prices offered I couldn’t justify spending that much on such a small bottle. I ended up getting a Relaxing lavender room spray since I was mostly interested in smelling it. I was a little concerned with how the label insisted it should not be worn on the skin, but it didn’t bother me when I sprayed it on my pillow.


Then when I was pregnant I yet again was brought back to essential oils. I went to a  birthing class run by a hearty kind woman.  She had a calming studio in her backyard with a beautiful view. I walked into the studio and smelled such a comforting and energizing blend and was hooked on what she diffused into the room. It made so much sense to me to get back into oils as a natural supplement to my healthy lifestyle  I wished to embark on with a newborn child.

After reading different studies on essential oils, comparing reviews, testimonials, company websites, meeting and talking to different company representatives, I found the brand that best suited my needs and was most in line with my views. I highly recommend this approach to anyone interested in getting into oils because what matters in a company can vary from individual to individual.

If requested I can make a comprehensive post on pros and cons between each brand that I’ve come across.

1 thought on “My Oily Journey

  1. How was your pregnancy positively influenced by oils? We are going to start trying and I want to continue my oil use throughout my pregnancy!

    I also blog about wellness/etc, stop by and visit 🙂


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