Those of you who are aware of the New York Times Best-seller, that is partially why I have been MIA for the last month and a half. Those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, let me explain.

Growing up, I was constantly battling clutter and had no idea how to really clean my room. Childhood friends of mine knew I was often grounded for a messy room. I kept accumulating things and without younger siblings to hand things down to or  a way to let things go, my room was really a hodgepodge of gifts from people I didn’t really like and a room that I didn’t love.

After three moves from my childhood home, I am finally in a place of my own and needing to edit and really be an adult. I’ve read countless cleaning articles, watched tons on home improvement shows, downloaded apps specifically for cleaning tips. Basically I like cleaning, I’m just not very good at tidying.

In comes this book called The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Her method called the KonMari method helps people create homes that bring and sustain happiness in those that dwell in them.

So I was super into the book when my fiancé, newborn and I lived in a tiny bedroom at his parents house as we were acclimating to parenthood. I had no child care experience so his mom who raised four boys had some useful advice. Unfortunately she didn’t have much advice on tidying and this book changed my life and I was able to let go of a lot of stuff.

I still wasn’t able to truly KonMari but Kondo just released a follow up book called Spark Joy that has the nitty gritty details of storage. With it I’ve been able to KonMari clothes and that’s about it and so far I’m pretty pleased with the results. My place is scary so bare with my before pictures in future posts of my kimono or miscellaneous items.


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