Perfect Omelettes every time

Omelettes are by far one of the easiest and tastiest breakfast items on my home menu. So much so that we have it just about every day of the week. The best tip I can give you is to practice and it’ll be so easy you can get it done before you even have your first sip of coffee in the morning. Here are a few other practical tips in perfecting your omelette game.

  1. Use a stainless steel pan.
  2. A heat resistant silicone spatula is your friend.
  3. Use organic or grass fed butter or cold pressed olive oil. Be generous!
  4. Low heat allows you time to multitask without burning the eggs.
  5. Take it off the heat after flipping.
  6. Preparation is key if you want the fancy add ins like chopped mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, diced ham, grated cheese, etc.

Stainless steel had been my favorite pan to use for omelettes since Teflon can release harmful carcinogenic chemicals into your food if it’s scratched. I haven’t gotten my hands on cast iron but I will update this if I get one in my pantry! Ceramic orgreenics pans work well too but a few too many times a metal spatula scraped the ceramic off rendering the pan useless. Which brings me to the second point, heat resistant silicone.

Please ensure your spatula is heat resistant silicone because rubber or plastic can melt,  which will leave cancer causing chemicals in your eggs. These are fairly easy to find at your local home goods store, I’ve found the cheapest to be online on Amazon. Dollar stores aren’t recommended, they don’t usually list heat-safe on their silicone products.

I will go into details on why grass-fed and cold-pressed options are the best cooking options in another post but as a preference for savory dishes I recommend butter for the flavor it adds in this dish. Depending on which experts views you subscribe to, fats can be your friend or your foe. We believe in eating healthy fats in moderation, in combination with exercise.

Low to medium heat works best because if your butter browns before you can get the eggs into the pan, it is too hot and will cast a dingy look to your eggs and alter the taste slightly. I only like browned butter with mizithra cheese, not on eggs.

The pan will still be hot enough to cook the other side of the eggs and melt cheese even if you take it off the heat. This also prevents your eggs from getting tough and chewy if you’ve skipped step six and haven’t prepared your fillings.

To make cooking easier in general, I like to get prep work done early in the week by peeling and mincing the garlic, chopping onions, shredding/slicing cheese, etc. It makes cooking so much more enjoyable when you have everything sliced and diced ready to go in the fridge. In the kitchen it’s called “on the fly” if you have to make knife cuts for the meal your preparing. It can be stressful orchestrating the whole thing but the fruits of your labor will be well worth it.

Let me know if these tips have helped you or if you have some ideas that make your omelettes easier!

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