How to save money watching new movies

Going to see new movies at the theater can be a pricey excursion especially if you have a large family. For those of you like me, or those of you who really enjoy movies and are interesting in how to get more cinema time for less, read on to what I’ve learn.

  1. Be friends with cinema employees. A friend of mine from beauty school who loves the movies worked part time at a Redding Cinemas nearby. As an employee perk she received about 2 -4 passes a month to bring friends in for free as long as the movie had been out for a couple weeks. Now I don’t recommend badgering employees to give you free tickets, but if you know someone who works at a theater, I don’t think they would be mad if you randomly baked them a favorite goodie or invited them over for dinner in exchange for a movie pass. 🙂
  2. Plan to go early. Different show times  cost different amounts and get more expensive later in the day. At a local Southern California national chain theater, morning movies cost $7.50 early afternoon cost $10.50 and evening after 6PM cost $12.50. Exceptions to this early rule would be 3D (3 Dimensional), IMAX (Image Maximum), RPX (Regal Premium Experience)and luxury cinema showings. 3D is  $15/Adult $14/child to 11 years. 3D iMAX is $18.50 all day any day any age.
  3. Utilize Costco gift cards. Costco offers gift cards at a lower price than their value, typically 20% off, not including tax. There are theater bundles of 2 $50 gift cards sold for $79.99. Using these gift cards and going to morning screenings would get you basically two free tickets. If you have any family or friends with Costco memberships go with them.
  4. Sign up for promotional emails. If you go to any theater website such as regal, Redding, etc they usually have an option to sign up for emails. Once in a while I receive passes for free screenings of new movies  but these are few and far between and usually not the big blockbusters. It can be a way to go to the movies if you have a flexible schedule since these advance free screenings are usually weekday evenings and very short notice.
  5. Win contests. Radio stations like to increase their number of listeners by running contests all the time. If there’s a new movie coming out soon that you’re really dying to see check out your local radio stations websites and see if they’re running any listener contests. Personally I don’t have any luck getting my calls answered but my mother in law wins all the time. Best of luck to you if you choose to go this route.

What new movie are you dying to watch soon? Please comment your answers down below or let me know if you have any other tips and tricks on how to save money going to the movies. ❤️

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