Happy Independence Day!🇺🇸


Wishing you a fun, safe and memory filled Independence Day! Here pictured is my organic homemade pretzel bun with organic beef patty that D. made! He found the pretzel recipe in our Ninja cookbook and we used since I couldn’t find a proper bun recipe I had ingredients for on Pinterest.

We ended up staying at home, playing water pong with these cups that had labels you could scratch words into. To make the game interesting we wrote things on it like, change next diaper, 10 pushups, 10 squats, and drink. I’m not big on alcohol so I was alternating smoothies with margaritas throughout the day and Dustin enjoyed this peanut butter chocolate stout from a local brewery.

Henry had fun playing with water in the cups as well as enjoying a homemade sugar cookie we made with his Uncle G. a couple days ago when he came to hang out. We also had fun listening to Partriotic music throughout the day and resolved to watch fireworks during our next trip to Disneyland since the nearest fireworks to us was a couple miles away. We weren’t feeling like driving around since a lot of accidents happen on this Holiday and we thought it safer to stay at home and avoid the traffic.

Last year we did make a trip to my aunt’s house, since you can see fireworks from the corner of her block, but we weren’t too keen on driving back last year either. She did offer to have us stay the night but with work the next day it wasn’t ideal.

In recognition of the holiday, I did sew a red white and blue themed pennant garland a couple days beforehand which made me very happy since I never did the St. Patrick’s day one.

What did you do on 4th of July? Please let me know if you want our complete burger recipe or pennant how-to via commenting below! ❤️

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