My most recent float

Two floats will never be the same, each experience is unique like a snowflake.

A busy day was coming to a close as I drove to pick up my cousin for our flotation therapy appointments. Despite a few setbacks throughout the day, the appointment time was fast approaching and it was a welcome escape from the unusual day. Henry did not want to take his nap on time. The father’s day gift I bought was changing colors instead of staying a strong solid warm Himalayan Salt Lamp signature color. There was a buzz in the air and I did not know if it was from the Hershey’s cookies and creme King sized bar I had snacked on throughout the day or if it was just the energy of knowing a float was in my near future.

Borrowing Dustin’s vehicle relieved me of worrying about whether or not my car was clean enough or smelt clean enough for my cousin’s comfort. The car I regularly drive needed some TLC, but before I could address that, I reasoned that unless my mind and spirit received some TLC first, the juice, snack stains and aromas in my car could not be properly recognized and neutralized.

On the drive to get my cousin, I contemplated telling her that floating works best after working out or sweating, but I feared it was too late since she had already told me she did absolutely nothing all day except shower right before I came to get her. “Oh well”, I thought. “I could do everything in my power to prepare her for a float, but I cannot change the frame of mind she has when she gets in the tank. Heck, sometimes I cannot even do that with myself, so to each our own.”

The last appointment was rescheduled because she shaved for her birthday weekend and in the email reminders it says not to shave before floating. The solution you lay in for 60 -90 minutes is 75% Epsom Salt and 25% water so it stings if you have any open cuts or freshly exfoliated skin. Thankfully we postponed grooming activities to after our appointments this time around.

When we got there, we had about five minutes prior to the appointment time, but it is recommended that floaters arrive at least 10 minutes prior to get the full tour. I took the blame for not leaving early enough but it was not a big mare on my conscious.

A lot of what goes into a float is unplanned thoughts, interactions and reactions of the day. It is best to not take life too seriously other wise a person can spend the bulk of a float parsing through what went right or wrong in the day or even over the course of a lifetime. What makes a great float is the ability to let go physically and mentally to anything and everything a person holds on to or defines themselves by. In doing so, you can experience true peace and revelations. 

During floats my mind briefly touches upon comparisons I have of myself against others and sometimes it causes me great distress. Once I can get over that hurdle, my mind can be at peace with my past and resolve for a better future. Then I find myself drifting in and out of consciousness and that is when the real awakening begins. Many clients who come in and have a good experience find themselves at a loss for words for the journey they have in the tank. This particular experience, I was able to put into these terms,

Existence is perfection.

It is okay if whatever revelations realized do not make much sense to others. Understanding the message of the subconscious is what is important. To elaborate, the way I exist, and everything exists, whether it be in a state of happiness or struggle, is how the universe intended. Just being here to experience life as it flows is how everything is supposed to be. Perfect in how God (or whatever higher power you believe in) envisioned life.

Coming out of the tank, I was so stoked to tackle the rest of the day. Giddiness washed over me as I rinsed the salt solution off my skin. Awareness arose in me that my cousin might not have the same experience as me and that was okay. What mattered was where my frame of mind was and that I needed to hold on to that special feeling regardless of her thoughts.

Floating is like a religious experience to me and sometimes it goes well and sometimes it does not. It really allows a person to see themselves objectively if they are open to it. At times I see myself as a horrible person with horrible qualities hating every choice I have ever made or let happen to me. Once I can get over that view of myself, once I get over my past, I can allow myself to heal and do better in the future.

The first time I floated, I was not ready to see myself as I was. There was a lot of struggle and strife in my life that I had put so much energy into thinking about. That made me realize that I was an unhappy person. It takes practice to really reap the benefits of floating. Realizing that a proper balance in these six aspects of life helps me to be at peace with everything else. What am I doing to improve myself physically, mentally, spiritually, communally, in my family and in my work? When I can plan the next step in these six arenas, I have a much more positive view of myself and the world. Floating helps me to reflect on where I have hurt the most and what needs the most improvement in these areas. Note, it is not about status, it is not about materials, but about the baseline of your frame of mind and constantly moving it to the next level.

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