Birthday party!

Dustin’s birthday was Friday the 16th and we’ve recently hit our one year move-in anniversary date on the 6th so I thought it was high time we had a proper party here. I’ve always dreamed of hosting a small get together and since our apartment is very cozy, it worked out perfectly!

Here are a few things I did to jazz up the place for the party/for long term. Sadly I didn’t take pictures of the food but here is a snapshot of the appetizers/snack tray I put together.image

When we moved in a little over a year ago, my aunt’s friend gave us two round mirrors and one of them has a very thick frame. I never used it until now but the night before the party I thought to use it as a snack tray. That worked out really great and was more appealing than an actual tray I got from Ikea. I just placed some dishes on it & put some snacks in. Also, I quickly took some washi tape to the black frame & labeled the different food items in it.


On the fridge I taped up some glitter letters from the dollar spot at target that I impulse bought the week before the party. Underneath I wrote drinks & sweets available in hopes that people would feel at home enough to go into the fridge & help themselves to the beverages & such. Nobody touched the fruit bars though so maybe next time I’ll open the packages first 😂

Last year for Henry’s birthday I sewed some pennant banners in hopes of using them again and so I did! I used regular scotch tape to put them up.image

For Dustin’s name I had some green foiled letters (impulse bought from Dollar Tree) that I taped to circles I punched out with a 2-in circle punch I impulse bought last Black Friday at Jo-Ann’s.image

I figured knowing where that bathroom is, is kind of really important when you have to go, so I used extra green letters to label the door. Being the silly person I am, I added the “N More” for an intriguing lavatory experience.image

So what’s the “N More!?” Well. Just little touches to enhance the porcelain throne experience. First, I put our color changing Himalayan salt lamp next to the sink to create a cool vibe in there when the light’s off.image

Then I added some reading material to the blinds with wooden clothes pins since I normally don’t keep a magazine rack (water/fluid damage reasons.)image

Finally I added some birthday cake scented bath bombs on top of the toilet for dudes to “hopefully” notice while peeing or whatever. A great plus about the bath bombs I found was that they were really fragrant and made the bathroom smell amazing.image

The great thing about having this party is that it pushed me to finish home decor projects I’ve been wanting to hang up since acquiring each piece.

Projects included:

Family birthday board

Put baby/youth pictures in vintage frames

Position letters around Silhouette

Find a home for Andrew’s home painting

Grow a pineapple plant from the fruit top

Revamp Spice Rack into an Essential Oil Display

As far as I know, people enjoyed themselves. It was easy for people to flow in and out of each space. As a host, I’m glad I had things labeled for guests so I could actually have conversations with people instead of having to repeat where the bathroom is, what the drinks are etc. Having the home decor up was also important to me because I believed different peices could spark conversation between strangers.


Some things I could improve on for our next gathering (Henry’s 2nd birthday) would be to get a music playlist together, and not drop the ball on games. We resorted to YouTube music and that morphed into watching videos of strangers play party games. Dustin did make a simple game of throwing my paper red stripes straws into a small glass milk carafe so that helped. We have Cards Against Humanity but with young family rolling through, we could not play until after they left since it is geared towards adults.

Henry napped for the first half of the party which also helped me feel like a regular person and not a person with a “mom” label. When he awoke he definitely brought the mom out in me, complete with breastfeeding. During this time Dustin recorded a special birthday podcast with some guests which worked out great. That can be checked out on iTunes or his website.

2 thoughts on “Birthday party!

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    1. Hi Shoshana, currently I do not allow guest posts but will be allowing guest posts in the future! Thank you for your interest. 🙂


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