Photos in Vintage Frames

Ever since I could remember, I loved classic vintage, French stuff, etc. To this day I think it is romantic and and timeless. Whenever I have the time, energy or a spare couple bucks I absolutely love looking at antique shops, thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales. Treasures can be found for cheap and I love either re-purposing or personalizing items found.

Issues that can happen with this is that you collect more unfinished projects than you complete. Case in point with all the projects I needed to hammer out before Dustin’s birthday, not to mention all the other unseen projects I have that are mostly sewing.

Something I struggled with on this project was that I kept putting off getting command strips. We have tools to hang items up on the walls but our place is really funny in that stud-finders do not work. Even Dustin’s dad’s commercial construction stud-finder cannot help us. This is definitely  a con for living in old places but at least we live in an age where we can use command hooks and stickers!

Another thing I struggled with on this project was finding childhood photos of Dustin & I. We have a naked baby Dustin picture and I only have a select few photos from my childhood since the bulk of my baby pictures are at my aunt’s house. Also as time progressed in middle and high school I did not take as many pictures since I had dwindling self-esteem. It is no surprise for those who remember my short lived goth days and it could be a surprise for those who only remember my cheer-leading or beauty school days. Unfortunately self-esteem is something I still struggle with as an adult but having this site as a log of what I do has definitely helped. It seems silly that we judge others based on appearance or pretenses. The sad thing is, even if a person looks like they have their life in order, you really do not know what struggles they are battling with on the inside. So please, be kind to everyone you meet, do not assume people are actively trying to be jerks, and even if a person is sour towards you, it is important to radiate from within and still act with grace.

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