Family Birthday Board

A couple years ago Dustin, his mom, his brothers, and I had dinner at his Great Grandma Nancy’s house. I loved all the little details in her home from the collectables to the comfy couches. Sometimes I feel silly thinking that I would just love to be an old person with a house full of memories, decorated the way I want to. One thing that particularly stood out to me that I could even say I was jealous of, was her Family birthday board. One of her nieces (I think) made it for her for Christmas with little wood circles hanging from screw hooks. It was absolutely gorgeous and such a fantastic idea! It had relatives birthdays as well as anniversaries on it and the great thing about the hooks and links is that you can adjust each month as new members of the family are added.

Unfortunately I am not that crafty with wood and I am on a limited budget as I work part time. On a side note Dustin’s Grandma Kathy gave us a 12 photo frame that we were years away from using for Henry. Our son is only one so I did not want the frame to sit in storage, nor do I know where all my grade school pictures are. A rule of KonMari is that if it does not bring you joy, get rid of it. Have the frame sitting around in our house unused was definitely not bringing me joy but our walls were pretty bare so I was determined to find a use for it that I loved.

I came up with this idea of using the 12 months frame for our own birthday board. It was super easy since I had recently purchased some wet-erase pens for my grocery shopping list. The woven texture of the backing is really beautiful to me so I just left it as is. Another option is to put cute scrap booking paper to really personalize it or spare fabric hot-glued down into the corners.

Hopefully this board will get me in the habit of regularly sending out birthday cards. For the longest time I had a love/hate relationship with birthdays. Saying happy birthday to people just because they had big balloons or whatever, seemed shallow. My thought process was, why would you even bother saying happy birthday to me if you do not talk to me on a regular basis anyway? After having Henry and experiencing an IV-free, un-medicated, natural birth, my viewpoint on birthdays have completely shifted.

Even though I do not talk to you most of the year, even if I do not know you that well, I believe in saying happy birthday because I am happy you exist. I am happy you are here and I am thankful for your presence in my life. Cheesy analogy coming up but when a pebble is thrown into a pond, it still creates large ripples and waves all around it. I truly believe this to be true of every person I encounter in person and online, because taking time to acknowledge each other’s existence even just a little bit can foster a sense of community, at least I believe so. If we are not accustomed to strangers saying, “Hello” or “Happy birthday,” caring can seem creepy , but often times it’s because we’re not used to feeling loved or appreciated, especially if we are particularly hard on ourselves. So practice accepting love in the forms of others telling you, “Happy birthday.”


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