Silhouette and Letters Wall Decor

Flashback to June 2015. On a Wednesday Dustin had almost killed my 1999 4 door sedan that we were sharing. That following Friday he promptly bought himself a brand new 2015 sport sedan. Even though he did not consult me, I eventually agreed he could keep it and that it was his Father’s Day gift. Three days later it was Sunday, Father’s Day and it was seriously the one of the best family days a person could ask for. It just so happened to be a day where Dustin was not working both jobs so we drove up to Del Mar for the annual San Diego County Fair. As it was Dustin’s first Father’s Day it seemed like a fitting way to celebrate. When we walked in they issued him “A Father to Remember 2015” button pin themed around that year’s “A Fair to Remember.” We had a lot of fun while we walked around and looked at all the exhibits. Dustin also entered himself with Henry in the Father/Child look alike contest. Henry’s hair was still growing straight at the time and Dustin had a fresh haircut so they did not look incredibly similar like they do now with their curly hair, but we decided to get a silhouette done since we saw a tent a couple of booths down from the contest area. We were tired and had seen almost everything they had to offer. Henry was antsy to get home, but the lady did a wonderful job capturing each person’s details without making us look tired. Every time I look at this silhouette it brings me joy. I had one of these done at Disneyland when I was younger but I was not as in love with it as this one. Maybe it is the details in it like the hair, maybe it is the fact that we have the whole family in one frame, I am not sure what it is about it but I love looking at it and being reminded of good times.

The letters were a side gift to Henry for my birthday from my cousin. I am not a fan of plastering logos, brands and characters for a couple of reasons, but Dustin Henry & I ended up big Disneyland fans after a weekend there with my side of the family. We had such a great time that we ended up upgrading our tickets from one day, to two day, to annual passes!

My friend L. is also a pass holder and she totally understands the feeling that you get when you become a pass holder. There is less pressure to get everything done, less pressure to have fun at the happiest place on earth, and you can always come back again. I am super grateful for the letters from my cousin. I love the effort and esthetic that my she put into the letters, plus it matches my living room gold accents/the silhouette perfectly. When I see those letters I get a lot of emotions but most of all I am happy that Henry’s Godmother made something for him cause I love DIY.

A challenge I had in putting this together was not having command strips on hand. Never on the grocery list, but always a non-essential need. I was not terribly OCD about placement and just eyeballed the evenness of the letters.


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