Henry’s 3rd Birthday

Growing up I always heard the older generations saying that it was bad luck to celebrate before the actual day. Henry’s birthday landed on a Monday this year so we had his party the following weekend.

IMG_6325This year I went a little over budget with decor but since I’ve been so busy with day-to-day operations with a toddler, newborn and dog I felt it was much easier to order instead of make his decor. This time of year is always hectic because I like trying to home make Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving foods, and Christmas gifts. In prior years Henry and I also used to do daily art projects which have slowed down to about twice a week. Our days are pretty busy with potty training, baby diaper changes, library story times, and constant potty breaks for Shandy, not to mention the time it takes to cook and clean up after all of us so I don’t have much time to do solo projects. This year there was also a large lapse in my posting due to the death of my mom and her sister who raised me. This happened during my 25th birth month so it was a lot to deal with. It’s been a tough year for all of us and I just wanted Henry to have a little slice of childhood back. I have fond memories of my 3rd birthday party so if Henry’s memory is as good as mine, I hope he will have good memories of this party. This year was also the first year Henry could really articulate what he likes and when he said fire truck/firefighter birthday I was very happy to oblige.

IMG_6324I tried my best to keep in line with my values and had candyless party favors, opting for consumables like Fireman stickers, temporary tattoos and firetruck shaped crayons. I got a cheap pack of fun firefighter helmets and splurged a little bit on the water squirter hydrants. Henry really enjoys watering the house plants with it so I’m glad I got them. Henry also has multiple firetrucks accumulated over the years from family and friends so I placed those trucks around the party area. About a month ago I watched an apartment tour vlog (video blog) on YouTube and saw this cute customizeable light up sign in the YouTuber’s video and that after noon I stumbled upon a $12 one at Ross so I felt it was fate to be mine.

IMG_6323The party was planned for three hours so I created a 3 hour long playlist of songs that included the words, Fire, Smoke, Burn, Light in the title, artist name, or lyrics. I placed Happy Birthday at the 2 hour mark so we could sing and eat cake. Afterwards Henry opened presents.

IMG_6333For food we did Parmesean roll ups, organic chips and guacamole, mac and cheese, pancit, lumpia, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate pecan toffee browned butter cookies, sticky sweet rice filipino desserts, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. I made the cookie dough ahead of time after learning this tip from watching The Great British Bake-Off Masterclass and I will now vow to always have a batch in the freezer ready to go for whenever guests drop in. As far as the cake goes, it was most definitely a Pinterest fail and I now know my limits and will purchase cakes in the future!

IMG_6328Drinks were water, organic Honest juice boxes, and Modern Times beers. I had no idea Dustin picked up beers at Costco but I’m glad he did since I didn’t really think about it. Last year we had Simple organic juice boxes and Honestly, the Honest brand ones weren’t very good.

IMG_6327Since we rent a modest 2 bedroom, it was important to me to maximize the seating so we moved Henry’s toy bench ottoman to the living room. We have blanket storage bench from our room that we moved under the window that fit perfectly next to the a/c. I even brought out the chair from Henry’s room and my vanity seat. I would have liked more seating in the kitchen but it seemed like it worked out anyway.


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