Seratonin Pouch

This was inspired by this ouch pouch tutorial but modified to be a gift for a craft swap. My recipient had a variation of the spelling of Seratonin as her alias so I figured she would appreciate a little molecular structure of the happiness endorphin instead of the little cross.

Reading through the tutorial made literally no sense until I was in the motions and making the pouch, then it was super clear. I am learning that sewing can be fun like that. When I was at the store purchasing materials I purchased heavy weight interfacing instead of the light weight so the pouch ended up really rigid and stiff, but I hope that just means it will hold up better over time.

This project took around 5 hours to make, only because I had to rip some seams & I accidentally zippered the bag too much before turning it inside out to finish. Also, the embroidered molecule part was not as smooth as I would have liked because I could not find my embroidery hoop and I was on a time crunch.

Overall, I did like this project and I will probably make myself a makeup pouch to fit around my largest palette cause one of my peeves when traveling with makeup is that my palette of the day does not fit in my makeup bag. Ideally I will have pockets in it too. Also, instead of hand embroidering, I want to put the embroidering functions on my machine to use cause hand embroidering takes HUGE amounts of patience.

The recipient liked her gift and she was even inspired to do a larger properly hooped cross stitch of the molecule which makes me happy. I also included some Organic herbal tea, and a beeswax candle I made from left over supplies from previous candle making endeavors. If you need any beeswax, beekeeping, beeswax/honey home-goods, beauty products, Bee Happy in North Park is the best! The shop is super cute and the owner is also one of the sweetest people too. The store hours are built around their children’s school schedule which I love since it is a family run business. *edit* since I’ve made the pouch the location is under new ownership and management by a local beekeeper who is a very nice man.
Moral of the project is, be inspired and just go for it because even if mistakes happen, they can be learned from and if you share your experience with others, they might be inspired to go for something in their life too.

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