“You always win when you surround yourself with good people.” Thomas Frist Jr., Cofounder of HCA Healthcare

Surrounding myself with good people ensures that I will always have people with integrity. It means that if I need help, these people will be able to assist me and do what is needed for the greater good. Good people are selfless people, to a certain degree. Being around good people is a win for everyone in my opinion because I hope that I can help others when they need help as well. I remember listening to the Dale Carnegie book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and in it, its about the Win-Win-Win mentality. Life does not have to be win or lose, there are possible scenarios where people all around win. Life can be more positive and productive if people can shift their mindset to win-win-win. It can be hard to change your mindset, but the more a person surrounds themselves with good people, the better a person can get at adapting to a positive mindset.
A good example of this would be Henry’s Thursday nature school. The group is full of good people trying their best to raise their children the way they see fit. Since I consider them good people, I feel like I am winning at the parenting game when I am around them. We all learn from the different experiences our children have with each other when playing and pick up different strategies in setting positive, respectful boundaries with our children. It is also a win for Henry because this is a regular group of kids we see and we all share in the responsibility of looking out for each others children.
Being around good people at a place of worship is another way to “win” in life. I read somewhere that people who attend church regularly have slightly better health than those who do not. I believe in a higher power, whether that be God, or the universe, or whatever it may be and it most definitely gives me hope that humanity is not doomed to snuff itself out. I also like to think that the people who attend a service of some sort may think that as well. At the very least, going to church every week helps to give my family a sense of routine, helps Henry practice good manners, gives me a reason to don my Sunday Best and I like to listen to the live music/sing to it.
Good people have a positive energy about them that makes them fun to be around. A particular group of my  friends are fun to be around. I never feel pressured to act a certain way or feel embarrassed for who I am. These people love me unconditionally and do not judge in the slightest bit. If they ever say anything, I know it is only out of love and compassion, and never out of spite. Every time I see them, it’s a silly good time, not because we avoid uncomfortable topics, because those topics do come up, but because there is just an easiness in hanging out with them.
This year I hope to surround myself with more good people and in turn I hope it helps me to be an even better person. There is no need to be around energy vampires who just suck the life out of others. For a while I thought venting was a good thing, but honestly it just kept feeding my negative mindset. Life does have its hardships and true friends are there for you when you need it, but for the most part I hope to handle them with grace and dignity.

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