Amber Teething Necklaces

I am not exactly sure when I first heard about amber teething necklaces. I probably read about it in various mom forums online. The first one I purchased was at a street fair from a guy who swore it was authentic Baltic Amber. The price was affordable, about $12 I think and I told Dustin it was super important for us to get one for our son since he was teething.Amber Teething Necklaces

Back then I did not really think about the fact that it was a choking hazard but when I did, I opted to tie the necklace around my son’s baby ankle until it got too annoying to work around when dressing him or when changing poopy diapers. I didn’t use it religiously and a lot of the time I forgot about it at the bottom of my diaper bag.

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When Henry was about two we were going to free enrichment classes in Old Town where I learned with new moms about raising babies and where Henry learned to play with a few other babies his age. One day the instructor was wearing a fashion necklace made of amber. During one of the open play sessions a mom asked about it and the instructor talked about how it helped calm her and relieved stress. The next week tons of the moms had those necklaces on themselves and their children.

One of my favorite sources of wellness information has a great amount of information about the scientific theory on the hows and why Baltic Amber Teething necklaces may or may not work. As for my family and I, we will continue to wear ours.

I ended up purchasing Baby Harvey’s Amber Teething Necklace from Wonderful and Wild in Hillcrest while I was pregnant with him and attending a Free Babywearing 101 class with Dustin. It’s the hippest baby shop in town that I know of that is not a resale store. Originally Buddha Baby in Normal Heights, Brianna Fanelli purchased, reformed and grew Wonderful and Wild into what we know and love today. I remember visiting Buddha Baby back in the day and chatting with Brianna. She was extremely informative yet very kind. I highly recommend checking out her shop, in person and online, if you are shopping for a baby shower, child’s birthday, or just need any new baby necessities in general. There’s a plethora of knowledge to be learned from her and her wonderful team.

The third one I purchased was at my Chiropractic Office in El Cajon. I started getting adjustments there after my back was killing me from going to Coachella this year. I knew Henry’s old necklace was all messed up from him chewing it so I got him a new one with a cute little amethyst stone in it.

So far, Harvey doesn’t play with it or notice that it’s there really. Henry on the other hand will occasionally try and bite it. Thankfully I also purchased a silicone teething necklace that is safe for him to chew on when he’s bored. I got this one online from a wholesale mom’s group but different variations are also available at Wonderful and Wild.


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