Super Bloom 2019

A couple weeks ago I read online that there was a California Poppy Super Bloom going on only a couple hours away from me. I tried my best to casually mention it to D. and without missing a beat he said, “We should totally go sometime this week. How about on my weekend?” You don’t know how happy I was to hear this.


On his work weekend we got up and had a leisurely breakfast at home and drove up to the Walker Canyon Trailhead.


On the drive up I was really worried that we had driven up for no reason until we came upon the hills. It was so pretty and orange and definitely a sight to see in person.


We arrived in the mid afternoon so the poppies were closing up due to the sun setting, but I was still very happy to see my favorite flower in bloom.


California poppies are the state’s flower and while they are beautiful, they are best left alone if you do not own the land that they are growing on. It’s considered petty theft! If you want to read more about that you can check out the California State Website’s information on the legalities here.


After the sun set we checked out Aldi’s for the first time since I’ve heard great things about it. There were some interesting items there like a vegan Chai Tea and some yummy ice cream varieties.


On the way down back to San Diego we had dinner at D’s Aunt’s home in Riverside and they ordered the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen!


I don’t know if D. would want to do it again since he’s been having trouble with his foot lately, but I am so grateful he wanted to making the time to go on this little trip to enjoy my favorite flower.


Seeing what nature can make when the conditions are ideal is such a blessing to have, especially in California.


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