MAC Pro Master Class with Victor Cembellin and Michelle Villatoro

Back in December I finally made use of my MAC Pro Membership and went to a free master class by one of MAC’s senior artists, Cynthia. I learned so much about no makeup makeup and about how less is more and knowing when to stop. She also had a lot of great and useful tips in regards to social media being your portfolio and professionalism which I thought was really helpful. I loved how humble she was and how impressive her resume was with her world travels and award show work. It was such a positive experience that I was super happy to get an email notifying me of the next Master Class.

This past Sunday I had the privilege to attend the Master Class demonstrated by Victor Cembellin and Michelle Villatoro and learned so much! I don’t work on clients with deeper skin tones very often but a lot of his tips were really insightful and reminded me of how versatile certain shades can be. He also utilized color correcting techniques that I had never thought of before and showed us how there is a time and place for very orange toned foundation in a beautiful way. I also learned about beautiful techniques for eyeshadow application and mascara application that I am excited to use on clients.


Michelle did a beautiful job on Gabby and I loved everything about her look. She mentioned that MAC has fully transitioned to synthetic bristle brushes which is so great for the environment. I think over the course of my beauty career I have shied away from using MAC products because they test on animals/sell in China and that requires companies to test on animals in order to have their products on the market. I am not pescetarian anymore (vegetarian + fish) but I always had a soft spot for animals and avoided animal hair bristled brushes for this reason. If I didn’t care for their brushes and wasn’t a fan of their relationship with China, why even bother with the MAC Pro Membership? Well, regardless about how I feel about their animals, it doesn’t change the fact that MAC is one of the beauty industry leaders and has been for a long time. Their artists have been revolutionaries around the world and they have been the favorite of many movie set artists, red carpet events, magazine shoots etc so I value their knowledge and expertise as a whole when it comes to makeup artistry.

Before foundation was completed (Finished look is featured image)

Each event that I attend is so informational and gives me better insight in the professional world that the YouTube community and Instafamous gurus don’t know and it’s cool to see what professionals do and what social media professionals do. Anyway, MAC Fashion Valley has another event coming up that is available for any one to attend and I hope to see some of you there if you happen to be in the area!



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