California Grown Orchids

Over Dustin’s three day weekend, we decided to take a trip up to Palomar Mountain and stopped by a wholesale orchid nursery on the way back home and I was not disappointed. The colors were gorgeous and the photos speak for themselves.


The boys were taking a nap in the car and Dustin was gracious enough to let me enjoy the flowers.


I talked to Jose and he said that he’s been working with orchids for over 20 years. Overall his favorite color of orchid was the white one because of it’s versatility in creating hybrids and high demand for weddings and hospitals. He said that creating new hybrids is always fun because it’s so amazing to see how each one will turn out.


Different sections of the greenhouse had plants in various growth stages which was so amazing to see.


Jose told me that the plants curve in the direction of the sun and follow it. It was really interesting to see all the different plants in various stages of it’s life cycle too.



The greenhouse itself was a little bit warm which made sense since these are tropical plants. It made me wonder how the thrive in cold office buildings. I have a few tropical plants in my collection such as hot pink antheriums and monsteras but every orchid I have purchased/Dustin has gifted me I haven’t quiet kept alive. At least I’ll have these photos to look back on and enjoy. Hopefully I can figure out a good way to cultivate orchids.




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