Mission Trails

One of my favorite aspects of living in San Diego is the accessibility of the outdoors. Recently I’ve taken an interest in exploring different parts of Mission Trails with the boys that I’ve never been to but have always been curious about. This new to me area did not  disappoint.


Well I was slightly disappointed when one of the roads was flooded over but I decided to get my jogging stroller and feet wet to get through to the rest of the hiking trail. I was so glad I did because the views were absolutely beautiful!


My phone really doesn’t do it justice and after loving nature for years and years I’m really considering buying a quality camera. Especially since many friends from high school have wielded them and given me some basic knowledge of brand preferences and general knowledge.


The first trip the boys fell asleep and basically napped while Shandy and I stopped to admire the wild flowers.


It was so beautiful to have options and to be able to choose the path myself. Typically I will ask Henry to choose but it was so peaceful to feel like I had alone time, even though the gang was with me.


Eventually I stumbled upon my favorite flower and it made me so happy to see them so close to home. In a previous post I detailed our excursion to the Lake Elsinore area to see the Super Bloom.


I also came across this interesting hill that had only purple flours with very long stems, at least a foot and a half long. Eventually I’ll upload a close up to my plant identification app but until then, these sprouts will carry whimsy in my memory.


Today I finally bit the bullet and decided to buy and plant California poppies on my balcony and I am so excited and nervous to see how they turn out. Most of our balcony is already covered in potted plants and I am looking forward to posting and writing an inventory of my container garden. Also, if it hasn’t be noted before, all photos on my website are shot and edited by me, the are by no means perfect, but they are my own works. I am super excited to see how they improve over time.



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