Great books to gift to small children for Easter

Easter is less than a week away and besides giving candy or cheap trinkets, consider gifting your niece, nephew, godchildren or your own children these easy books for caregivers to read. If you order on Amazon Prime it can easily get shipped to you or your loved one before Easter and that’s one less thing to thing about when coordinating outfits and festivities this weekend. Disclaimer


1.Baby’s First Book of Prayers

When I was getting Henry baptized, Dustin and I decided to honor my cousin with the title of Godmother. She ended up getting this book for Henry and I absolutely love it! While there aren’t any traditional prayers in here, the prayers carry messages of expressing gratitude to God for his abundant gifts for us as well as wishing good for our loved ones. When Henry started to be verbal, I had him choose one or two prayers a night. The artwork was pretty adorable and it is so nice to spend some time with him in the evening answering his questions about the different people, animals and plants in the pictures.

2. A Missal for Toddlers

We recently purchased this book for our boys because our time in the church nursery has slowly devolved into play time with some of Henry’s favorite people. While we love our friends from church, Dustin and I have decided that it is high time for us to really pay attention to the liturgy and homily. While it is and extremely bare bones explanation of the missal,  this can be an important tool to review with small children prior to mass. As counter intuitive as it can be, the best way to get good behavior from small children at mass is to forego the nursery/cry room and or sit towards the front so the children can see what is going on. While it can be embarrassing when children act up, it does get easier over time. As far as our parish goes, our Pastor has told us that children crying during mass is part of the joy of having families come to church. Hearing that has definitely eased my anxiety about bringing my small kids into the main pews.

3. The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers (Little Blessings) by Crystal Bowman

While there is a page for every day of the year, we aren’t perfect and haven’t read the devotions daily. On the days that we do read it, it is so interesting to hear Henry’s perspective on how the concepts relate to happenings of the day. We typically read books in the evening but we may switch to reading this in the morning since it really doesn’t take much time. Plus it is so cute to hear him recite the daily bible verse.

4. My Sing-Along Bible: 50 Easy-Read Stories + 50 Fun Bible Songs (Wonder Kids)

My Ate Reba told me about the Wonder Kids around the time of her wedding and I didn’t realize it at the time but someone had gifted us this book and cd. This is definitely one of Henry’s favorite cd’s and I don’t mind because the singers are actually pretty good and the songs are pretty catchy. It’s great to listen to during meal times, play times, clean up times, bath times, driving places etc.

5.  Sweet Dreams, Peter (Peter Rabbit)

I’m not going to lie, I actually judged this book by the cover and absolutely loved the artwork on the front. The rhymes are nice and the pages are gorgeous! I could take any page from this hard cover book and post it on my walls like some inspirational quote, they’re so beautiful. Henry has a decently sized library, at least compared to my childhood library and this one is well loved in our rotation. This one does not have any religious tones to it but I find that it’s a fitting gift for Easter that will last longer than any candy.


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