Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is easily one of my favorite holidays. It comes right after my birthday, which is usually a dreadful time of year, so all the bright colors and happy mariachi music fills my soul with joy. Cinco de Mayo also holds a special place in my heart because in 2011, it was my last day of Cosmetology school! Starting my 1600 hours in July the previous year just happened to line up my graduation for that day. Any hours I had missed during vacations or being sick, I made up at during the night school where I learned and loved the reception work.

This year, I decided we would try our luck going down to Old Town to celebrate. We had a secret parking area we successfully utilized during Dia de los Muertos but unfortunately, no dice this time. We had dinner at a great place in Chula Vista with my dad a while back called Miguel’s and contemplated driving over there when my maps app told us there was another Miguel’s location a few minutes away over in Point Loma!

During our wait time we headed on over to some docks and before we knew it, it was our time to get our grub on.

Wait time was not very long at all and we were sat upstairs in a cozy little room crammed with five other groups. As we walked in I noticed a mariachi band gathered outside. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were! We had a great time and one of the players pointed to Henry and held up his guitar. Henry was bashful and as we enjoyed our food, the band came upstairs to play a few songs. I love Cinco de Mayo.




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