Productive Friday

It’s unbelievable how much I achieved today. A few days ago I saw a fun run in Facebook Events and thought, why the hell not? It was a 5k run, I used to do 5k runs in high school, I had a double jogging stroller, nobody was sick or injured so I started training.


Shandy was happy to be out on a new trail as I figured out where would be a good place to train without running into too many other dogs as she is still pretty leash reactive. This was a great jog considering I had to reel Shandy in the few times we actually did cross paths with other dogs, and I hadn’t jogged with both the boys in the jogger in a long while. The boys are also growing and getting heavier everyday so I figured if I didn’t start training now, I would have a harder time. Especially as the boys look forward to moving around too. After the run, we stopped by at home to drop Shandy off so she could rest.

I took the boys to the park since they needed a chance to get all their energy out. Strangest thing was I came across a little boy who looked like he could have been the boys brother. It was the strangest thing. He kept wanting to play with us but the parents kept calling him over. As I looked I noticed that the mother appeared to look like me and the father looked similar to Dustin.

An hour at the park passed by and I excitedly told the boys about pajama story time. We had frequented our local bookstore a lot lately, since I wanted to check out the latest books on square-foot gardening and raised garden beds. Last time we were there I saw their event schedule and marked it in my calendar. Thankfully I planned ahead and packed their matching pjs in the car. Henry was so excited that the reader chose him to pick out the first book.

Reading is a very integral part of my life, shaping my life as an only child and I have worked hard to instill that love of books in my boys through the librarys’ 1,000 book before kindergarten program which Henry already finished when he was 3.

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