Happy Hens Ramona, CA

Have you ever seen egg cartons at your local grocery store with shiny bright green yellow packaging? On Friday we took a tour of a local egg farm that specializes in Organic, Pasture Raised, Corn and Soy Free Eggs.

We started off the tour with the kind and knowledgeable Chloe. She’s the co-owner who spoke to us about the pastures they have, the different structures in the pastures, the importance of corn and soy free organic feed as well as organic egg processing. She introduced us to her daughter Abby and then led us to a tractor where we met her husband the founder, Luie.


Luie gave us a detailed tour of the hows and whys of what they do on the farm while one of his farmhands drove us around on the property. He was extremely knowledgable and patient with all of our questions and repeat questions as some of us couldn’t hear over the sound of the tractor.


What makes Happy Hens so unique is that the adjacent egg farm (Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch) is owned by Luie’s parents who farm eggs the cage-free and caged way. All three methods are local eggs so I think it’s really interesting to be able to buy local eggs in every budget. Happy Hens is really the ideal way though.


The Hens themselves were gorgeous and their methods of predator reduction were varied and interesting. Overall it was a really beautiful experience and so educational as well! When you’re in the grocery store it can be hard to justify spending more on organic pasture raised goods but after meeting the family behind it all it really hits home that these people care about what they do and how they do it.

Their next farm tour is November 9th, 2019 if you want to experience it yourself. It really isn’t that far from Central San Diego and the drive from the 67 is pretty decent without too many sharp turns or traffic. The cheapest way to buy their pasture raised organic grain free soy free eggs would be to pick them up at the farm but you can also find Happy Hens eggs all over Southern California from Chula Vista to Santa Barbara if you don’t want to drive out to the farm. There’s a list of retailers on their website.


They also have delivery driver Johnathan who represents the farm at the Little Italy Farmers Market as well as other locations. Be sure to try the raw cow milk or goat milk he has because it is the only Real Milk anyone should buy!


This farm tour was extremely educational and fun for everyone. Henry’s favorite part was making new friends and playing on the play-set next to the retail shop. Harvey’s favorite part was probably seeing the chickens in their pasture, finding little bugs in the wood chips, or petting their oldest Turkish Kangal shepherd dog.


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