Doing Time

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Since the mandatory stay at home order started I have been in charge of teaching my TK child all his lessons. His public charter Montessori school sends us ideas weekly and we’ve been trying to come up with activities that satisfy the state requirements.

Telling time has been really challenging with tick mark and minimalist clocks with no information on them so I set out to find a clock for us and came across the EasyRead Time Teacher. I’m really surprised I haven’t seen something similar to this in class rooms but I think it’s really neat. The color coding and easy to see length of the hands are really nice. Since the clock itself is silent with no ticking I can keep it in the kid’s room without worrying about it keeping them awake.

Once your child learns numbers 1-60 this clock is a no-brainer as far as teaching time easily. Henry loves the fun colors and having this clock empowers him to keep track of time.


Montessori practical life, screwing the back plate on and off of a clock to replace the battery. Analog is quickly going out with smart everythings at our fingertips but I still believe telling time is a good skill for my kids to have. He looks like he’s holding a wrench but it’s a multipurpose tool that has screwdriver attachments.

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