Global Running Day!

Last year, about 3 weeks before June 5th I had gone to Costco, saw their classic cheesecake and made a personal goal to eat the whole thing by myself. If there’s anything that has ever been consistent in my life, it is that I will always appreciate cold creamy desserts such as cheesecakes or ice cream.

I ate a little over half of it before it expired and I was trying my hardest to sneak in slices whenever the boys weren’t looking. Dustin’s not that huge a fan of cheesecake so I didn’t have to share with him. Since I failed at achieving my food goal, I set a fitness goal of running a 5k pushing my boys in the Bob Dualie double jogging stroller. While both of these goals are polar opposites on the health spectrum, I try my best to balance my life vices and virtues.

After I decided on this new, more achievable goal my facebook recommended The Big Run 5k at our local Fleet Feet. It was untimed and free so there really wasn’t anything for me to lose besides some gas and electrolytes. I hadn’t really trained for it and a week before the actual race day I was out to lunch with my good friend Lily when I realized I might have had a race that afternoon. Thank goodness I still had one more week to train as the previous week I hadn’t ran at all.

The tricky thing about jogging with a stroller is that over time, kids grow. They get bigger, smarter, taller, and heavier so the best time to start running with them in the jogger is when they’re young so you build strength over time as they get older.

When Henry was an only child, I opted for the most lightweight non-umbrella stroller on the Market at the time, the Graco Aire 3 in Poseidon Blue with matching infant carseat. It wasn’t until I started jogging with another mom that I read the manual and realized it was not a stroller meant for jogging. I did my research and opted to get a Bob single Revolution jogger, mainly for it’s smooth maneuverability and great suspension. It was by far one of the heavier strollers but totally worth hauling in and out of the trunk.

The double jogger from the same brand was also very heavy, about 1/3 of my body weight but the maneuverability, value retention, suspension and warranty were totally worth the muscles built hauling it in and out of my SUV.

When race day came, I distinctly remember the sky being overcast and perfect for a run. To my relief and surprise, there were about 4 other moms with double joggers. Some with kids old enough to run, some with twins. As always, I was one of the younger moms which didn’t surprise me since I really don’t know any other moms my age who are…crazy ambitious? I’m trying to frame this positively.

The staff organizing the event was super peppy and perfect for the occasion. Since there were a lot of last minute sign ups, there were not enough medals for everyone but as some early registrants didn’t show up, a woman told me that we were high on the list to get a finisher’s medal, no promises.

We went out and around the residential area which was beautiful and safe. There was a stretch of trail that had up and down hill terrain that was not fun at all. The good side to this was seeing all the diverse families participating in the event with kids of all ages. Seeing these people made me excited for the future while I envisioned my own kids running along side me.

For now, the boys were pretty good and didn’t cry or had to pee out on the run which we finished in a little under 45 minutes, my fastest time to date under the circumstances.


At the end of it, they had coolers with Nuun electrolyte samples and packets to take home, tons of free fruits, muffins, and snacks as well as a photo backdrop. They announced a few raffle prizes and the woman ended up coming up to us and giving us two medals as I registered Henry as a youth runner. Overall, I felt great and was so happy to have pushed myself to do this for myself, by myself. The boys were grateful for the free juice boxes and fruit snacks so I would say Global Running Day was a success.

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