Hello! It is truly a gift to be a born and raised San Diegan with a cosmetology license in the beautiful state of California. In January 2018 I bacame an Xtreme Lashes® Certified eyelash extension stylist. False lashes has always been my pièce de ré·sis·tance in my makeup routine for over ten years now and am super excited to finally share my love of lashes with others.

As a creative person I am always delving into different avenues of expression, whether it be sewing, crafting, typography, cooking or baking. I know I drive my family crazy with all my projects lying about the home, but I hope that my newfound love of KonMari-ing and Minimalism can help steer us into a happy healthy, cleaner home.

Over ten years ago I started my journey into health foods in order to perform better in sports and became an ovo-lacto-pescetarian for three years. That means I ate eggs, dairy, seafood and vegetarian food. Since then I have always had a love for learning about and incorporating health food into my daily existence. I understand the difference and importance of organic and non-GMO foods. The best foods for the body are the freshest and minimally processed. I believe that symptoms from any health problem can be improved with a proper balance of whole foods and exercise.

My husband Dustin and I have a lovely four year old son, an adorable infant and a sweet eight year old bichpoo mix named Shandy. Since having children, I have fallen in love with Montessori pedagogy and I hope to incorporate it into my children’s lives as they grow. I hope you enjoy learning with us on our journey through this existence we call life.

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